Bluegrass Revolution
“In the beginning … there was Bill Monroe. And Bill, finding himself lonely, created bluegrass. Well, it wasn’t quite that linear – truth is, it is still being created through an old-timey process called evolution. …”
Mad Dogs & Ray… an Interview with Joe Cocker
“We drive over a rise and are smacked in the face by a view of Needle Rock, a 28 million-year-old volcanic plug rising as if Excalibur from a fertile valley floor. On our way to the Mad Dog Ranch to interview first Joe and then Pam Cocker, we are currently witness to the view the Cockers are soon to tell us inspired them to leave California and build a 17,000 sq. ft. castle-esque home in the North Fork Valley near Crawford, Colorado. …”
Del McCoury
“The first time Bill Monroe asked Del McCoury to play for his Blue Grass Boys, Del turned him down. McCoury was playing banjo with Jack Cooke in a small club in Baltimore, when he saw Monroe come in a side door and sit alone in the front of the room. …”
The Brothers Comatose
This Bay Area band is turning heads and catching ears from sea to shining sea. Read Mandaville’s take on a modern string band that defies classification, as well as her conversation with front bro, Ben Morrison.